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Effects of Breast Cancer

Find Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

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  • Be one step closer to finding breast cancer treatments.
  • Get a second opinion from US oncologists, without leaving your home.
  • If you have relapsed, or current therapy has failed, there are more options for you.
  • Access to clinical trials & immunotherapy treatment options.

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    We are unwavering in our commitment to create a world without cancer. We believe all people should have equal access to leading edge therapies and new-emerging clinical trials, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.


    Massive Bio will become the hub to connect patients to the best treatments available, including clinical trials. We will be the preferred partner for Patients, Healthcare Providers, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Clinical Research Organizations as we will create a space where we will connect the right patient, with the right treatment at the right time and place.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Massive Bio’s Medical Records Specialists request medical records through fax
    • Our team provides virtual reports via email within 7-10 business days of receiving the medical records
    • A Massive Bio Physician will call to discuss the virtual report with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have
    • No need to travel to a physical clinical trial site before enrollment is completed
    Our free clinical trial matching services provide results within 24 hours. Once medical records are received by our team, it takes 7-10 days to get personalized clinical trial matches. For an in-depth CTMS report, case management will then facilitate enrollment by writing letters of medical necessity to obtain insurance approval to ensure access to promising tests and therapies.
    After reviewing potential trial matches, case managers are available to discuss the enrollment process for a specific trial. Patients can also review matching trials with their treating oncologist. Once a trial is chosen, case management will help guide you through the enrollment process for the clinical trial, which includes:
    • Contacting the trial site to confirm trial and insurance eligibility
    • Forwarding any necessary medical records
    • Resolving any financial assistance issues if needed
    • Scheduling the first appointment at the enrollment site